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The Season is Beginning

It is so exciting for us here at the Florian Hotel this time of year! The snow is melting, the air is changing and our menus are expanding to include fresh seafood once again! What is better then a delicious thin batter encapsulating a fresh piece of snow white cod, accompanied by a house made tarter sauce and a Caesar Salad or Golden Fries?

Battered Cod & Caesar Salad

It is very interesting to see how different chefs, restaurants and countries around the world interpret recipe's and flavors! Myself, I love to take what someone has taught me through my travels and different work experiences and bring my own flavors to them on my plates in the Florian Dining Room. Lobster is a jewel! It is sweet and luscious in texture. It is dynamic as it can be prepared many ways. It handles spices well and can also stand alone. I serve Lobster

Surf & Turf with Lobster Thermadore accompaniment

traditionally throughout the summer but I also like to elevate the dining experience offering my rendition of Lobster Thermadore. I take the lobster from the shell and prepare it in a paprika cream sauce, finishing it with panko and parmesan for its final stage in the oven. It is then plated with your choice of side or can be a great upgrade to you steak!

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