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Monday - Sunday
5pm - 9pm 

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Red Rocks Pub at The Florian Hotel rings with laughter and friendly conversation.


A menu is offered from the freshest grown and harvested products.  

Indulge in happy hours, and local fare with your friends at the Pub.  

In the evening things really come to life as our selection of ales and cockatils. 

We serve Draft Beer!

Red Rocks Pub

The Florian Dining Room is situated facing the Ocean with incredible breathtaking views! It is the pristine place to unwind after a long day! Relax and enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer while deciding what you would like to try on our menu! 

Chef Ange has taken locally sourced traditional ingredients and fused them with modern twists. While keeping on trend with today's culinary expectations; be prepared to be taken on a cornucopian of flavor!


As she takes cooking seriously discuss with her any dietary requirements or specifications, she will be happy to help! 

The Florian Dining Room 

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